6 Reasons You Should Consider Getting Dental Implants

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Still undecided which dental treatment you should choose to replace lost, missing or damaged teeth? One of the most popular options among Generations Dental patients is dental implants because they can create a natural-looking, brand new smile. Here are a few more reasons you should consider getting dental implants.

  1. Long-lasting. With proper upkeep, dental implants can last a lifetime. You’ll still need to see your dentist regularly, for periodic adjustments and your hygienist for a cleaning. And since dental implants are durable, this means you also enjoy a long-term return on your investment.

  2. Gives you peace of mind. You no longer need to cover your mouth when you laugh or smile. You will not need to worry about dental appliances in your mouth loosening or falling out. With dental implants, you can enjoy life just like you had your real teeth.

  3. Maintains your natural face shape. When you have missing teeth, your face can appear sunken. With artificial teeth replacements, you can bring back the natural shape of your face and maintain it long-term. It isn’t just your smile that is improved, your face will also appear healthier.

  4. Helps you prevent cavities. Did you know that artificial teeth or implant-restored crowns are cavity-resistant? With dental implants, your smile is no longer as vulnerable to tooth decay. However, this doesn’t mean that you can forego regular dental hygiene habits. You still need to care for your replacement teeth the way you do for your natural teeth to avoid problems like gum disease.

  5. Keeps your jaw bone strong. Your teeth keep your jaw bone firm and strong. When you have missing teeth, the jawbone deteriorates and loses its firmness. This means that not replacing teeth and leaving the space empty for a long period, not only affects the appearance of your smile, it can cause other health issues.

  6. Holds artificial teeth in place. If you have a gap of more than one missing teeth, one of the options is a partial denture that hooks onto adjacent teeth. Unfortunately, these dentures can often move and even click as you talk. With dental implants, you no longer have to feel conscious about your artificial teeth moving or clicking. You take your mind off your teeth and enjoy life instead.

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