Humanitarian Missions

At Generations Dental, a dental clinic in Grande Prairie, we believe in giving back! Along with numerous local sponsorships, Dr. Bill and Dr. Lucas travelled to Guatemala in 2016 on a humanitarian mission trip through a non-profit group, Kindness In Action.

The team consisted of 19 health professionals including a physiotherapist, a family physician, 5 dentists, and multiple support members. Our doctors and their team finally arrived in Chisec, a small town in the middle of the Guatemalan jungle. Here they provided free dental care to the local population, and its surrounding area. Many challenges were faced including working long hours in the 30+ degree heat with no local water or power.

Further, the people of Chisec spoke an ancient dilect of Q’eqchi’. This required two translators for each doctor, the first being English to Spanish, and second for Spanish to Q’eqchi’.

The entire trip consisted of 9 days in Guatemala, and was an overall extremely rewarding experience. It was a great success and is something we look forward to continue in the future.

dental clinic grande prairie on humanitarian trip
dental clinic grande prairie on humanitarian trip