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Effective immediately, as per guidelines set by The Alberta Dental Association, there is a mandatory suspension of all non-emergency dental treatment and services in all dental offices across Alberta. This is due to the recent updates provided by Alberta Health Services regarding the COVID-19 virus.

Generations Dental will only be accepting and treating patients that require emergency dental services.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Grande Prairie

Do you snore or have Sleep Apnea? Our dentists at Generations Dental can help you with this!

We understand that sleep in one of the most important parts of a healthy body, and not getting proper sleep affects us in so many ways. It may sound strange, but dentists can be a great help with obstructions in your breathing while sleeping.

There are ways you can help yourself:

  • Lose weight if you aren’t at your healthy BMI.
  • Try sleeping on your side with a supportive pillow.
  • Consuming less or no alcohol at night.
  • If you take sedatives, cut back if possible.

If none of these self-help options work, we at Generations Dental in Grande Prairie can possibly help with Oral Appliance Therapy. This type of therapy has been proven to deliver very successful management of snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea.

We provide you with a small plastic device, which is similar to different types of mouth guards and orthodontic retainers. These retainers are known to help with mild to severe sleep and breathing issues.

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