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Top 5 Reasons to still see your dentist during the pandemic

We understand you may be worried to step outside your home, but our dental office may be one of the safest places you can be.

At Generations our dental professionals are familiar with infectious-disease risk environments and everyone in our team is ready to care for you under all proper guidelines and protocols. 

 Here are five reasons why it is important for you to keep your dental visit 

  1. Identify dental issues. Don’t wait until you feel discomfort in your mouth to book a dental visit. Not all dental issues come with pain. Some may only begin to bother you once they’re already in their advanced stages. Sometimes, depending on how advanced the problem gets it can cause an unexpected trip to the emergency room. It is better for you to come to our office before a major issue and be taken care of rather than wait until pain has progressed and take up room at the hospital. 

2. Help avoid cavities. Food choices, everyday habits, and your oral hygiene routine can either reduce or increase your risk of developing cavities. Professional dental cleanings are crucial in removing stubborn debris on your teeth and preventing gum inflammation and periodontal disease.

3.Protect your overall health. Oral health is connected to your general health and vice-versa. Taking steps to care for your gums and teeth can also help you manage medical conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. 

4. Treat existing dental issues. If you’ve been undergoing dental treatment before COVID, it’s time to start seeing your dentist again. Dental issues may only recur or worsen if you’ll keep delaying appointments. Over-the-counter medications and home remedies can only offer temporary relief. Your dental team can provide lasting solutions.

5. Reduce your dental costs. Delaying routine dental checkups and necessary treatments can cause issues to progress and require intensive care, which can then lead to increased dental costs. A seemingly small cavity can spread and cause extreme pain. The sooner you can have issues checked, the simpler the necessary treatment, and the lower your dental bill is, too.

If you still feel unsure about visiting us, please feel free to contact us at (587) 803-4406 for any dental-related inquiries that you may have.

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New Patient: (587) 803-4406
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